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Shout Out to Sanford Real Estate

Sanford Real Estate has sponsored Carolina Indie Fest since the beginning and are getting a

special shout out for their efforts this Monday afternoon.

Sanford Real Estate is led by "all around swell guy" John Ramsperger - this title is real and used with regularity at Chamber functions and other public events. John is a nice guy, he's also at a lot of public functions because he knows a lot of people and stays really well informed about everything that's happening in a community that is developing very rapidly.

One of the public functions John attends is the Carolina Indie Fest group meetings. These meetings serve as sounding boards for all sorts of matters related to the festival including branding, guest experience, bands, logistics and more. He's vocal, has great ideas and is - thankfully - honest. We're grateful to him for supporting the festival not only financially but also contributing his time to make it a great experience for everyone.

Next time you have a real estate need - buying or selling - I'd recommend giving John a shout out. You'd be hard pressed to find a better partner in your real estate efforts.

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