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Welcome to Day One!

Welcome to day one of Carolina Indie Fest!  Here's everything you need to know for Friday, May 10th.

* Beer hall is open starting at noon today.  We will only be serving in plastic Indie Fest cups all

day, no glassware and that means no flights.  Indie cups are $1 for the first pour and no further charge after that.  It's our attempt to reduce waste.  Bottles and growler orders are at the discretion of the bartender.

* vendors and food trucks are set up in the lot at the corner of Steele and Cole Streets a little bit before 5pm

* parking will be at a premium the next two days but there are free public parking lots throughout downtown.  See image below (click to expand).

* chance of showers throughout the afternoon and, at the moment, a slight chance tonight.  Looks like the temperature will drop around 6pm so bring a sweatshirt.  If we encounter lightning, high winds or driving rain then we'll get the band off stage and wait for it to improve.  Take shelter in the beer hall or under the parking deck attached to the brewery.

*  we have two new beers for you to try!  Our springtime bock brewed for Indie Fest sponsor Wilkinson Chevrolet Buick GMC and our pineapple upside down cake sour brewed for Indie Fest sponsor Ting.  They are both, in our opinion, outstanding beers for a spring time music festival.

* beers will be available at the front bar, back bar (merch area) & at the van in the beer garden.  Please do not take alcohol into the Steele/Cole parking lot.

* don't forget the merch!  We have a handful of Indie Fest dimple mugs, shirts with the spring Indie design on them & some value shirts all for sale at the back bar.

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