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New Interviews with Tuatha Dea & Jive Talk Now Available

Sanford's The Rant newspaper interviewed all 10 Carolina Indie Fest bands this Spring and

posted them on their website and socials. These are great ways to get to know the bands playing at the festival. Gordon does his research and asks good questions, for their part the artists are engaging and eager to share their story. One great thing is that all their stories are different, it's really cool to hear how artists were inspired to go out on their own and make original compositions together. Posting two interviews together is nice, too, because it subtly encourages listeners to compare and contrast the interviewees.

Wonderful work, this, and the final interviews with Spring Carolina Indie Fest artists are now available. Check out the latest, and last for this Indie Fest, interviews - this time with Tuatha Dea and Jive Talk.

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