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Day of Event Info

Tickets & Cost

This is a free event - all food and beverage has a cost but the music is free.

Bring a Lawn Chair

You can bring your own lawn chair (but we have seats, too!) This is an open air festival and you are welcome to get comfortable wherever you like - that's made easier if you bring a lawn chair.

The Indie Cup

Everyone drinking will receive a commemorative stadium cup - it's a one time charge of $1 OR you can bring a cup or special glassware from a previous Indie Fest and we will fill that without the $1 charge. Examples of special glassware include our 2021 liter glass, 2022 boot and this years dimple mug.  Thank you for helping us reduce unnecessary waste.

It's ALL Original

This festival is dedicated to all original music. It's a work of passion for all artists - if you enjoy then let the artists know. Clap and yell. Buy their merch. Become a sponsor by writing to

The Wee (& Furry) Ones

Hugger Mugger Brewing is family friendly & kids accompanied by parents are always welcome.  Dogs are normally welcome outside in the beer garden - you can bring them in with you while grabbing a drink.


Downtown Sanford has a lot of on-street and public parking.  Shown here are a couple maps depicting your options, they pop up when clicked. 


The address of Hugger Mugger Brewing, where the festival is centered, is 229 Wicker Street in Sanford, NC.

Parking in downtown Sanford, NC
Parking in downtown Sanford NC
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