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What Does it Take to Put on Indie Fest?

Recently I sat down with Bill Freeman at WUAW to talk about what it takes to put on a music

Carolina Indie Fest sound engineer Scott plays it cool

festival like Carolina Indie Fest. Click here to access the interview which airs on 90.5 WDCC on Saturday 9/16 at 6pm and on 88.3 WUAW on Saturday 9/16 at 11am and 11pm & Sunday 9/17 at 8am and 8pm.

If you don't like to hear how the Indie Fest sausage is made then this interview won't be for you, but there are a lot of interesting behind-the-scenes bits. We really get into the details on a lot of things folks might not be aware of that go into building an event & for some it might enhance your appreciation of what happens on the days of the event (um, reminder it's September 29 and 30!)

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