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Vendor/Sponsor Testimonial

This winter we received an unsolicited testimonial from one of our vendors at Carolina Indie Fest. They are one of two vendors moving from being vendors in 2023 to being sponsors in 2024. All our vendors are small business owners working hard to build their business, to hear they're hustling and making great connections at this event can make everyone feel good about supporting local.



As the founder of Craft3D, I am thrilled to share our exceptional experience at the Carolina Indie Fest, held at Hugger Mugger Brewing in Sanford, North Carolina. This event not only marked a significant milestone for our business but also fostered invaluable community connections.

At Craft3D, we specialize in creating unique 3D printed items, ranging from intricate dragons and toys to decorative pieces and functional dice towers. Participating in Carolina Indie Fest was an opportunity we eagerly embraced, and it exceeded our expectations. The festival proved to be one of our most successful events of the year in terms of revenue, which speaks volumes about the event's audience and their appreciation for creative and artisanal products.

Beyond the commercial success, Carolina Indie Fest was a vibrant hub for local small businesses. It provided us with a platform to showcase our products and engage with an enthusiastic crowd. The connections we made were invaluable, notably with a local gaming store that now stocks our products, thanks to the visibility we gained at the festival.

What set this event apart was not just the business opportunities but the lively and welcoming atmosphere. The blend of great music, delicious beer, and the chance to mingle with fellow entrepreneurs and music lovers created a memorable experience. It was more than just a marketplace; it was a celebration of local talent, both in music and in business.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of Carolina Indie Fest. We highly recommend this festival to other small businesses looking to expand their reach, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and be part of a vibrant community event. It's not just an event; it's an experience that fosters growth, connection, and enjoyment.

Thank you for hosting such a well-organized and impactful event. We look forward to being a part of Carolina Indie Fest in the future and witnessing its continued success.

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