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Shout Out to Our Sponsor - Miller Boles Funeral Home

A lifelong Sanford resident recently said to me, "I've lived my whole life here and seen proposals for music festivals come and go but nothing like Carolina Indie Fest ever happened. What worked?"

The answer? Our sponsors are community minded and big hearted people. Miller Boles Funeral Home is a perfect example. They are a family owned funeral home serving this area for over 100 years. Caring and professionalism are what everyone needs when a loved one passes and Miller Boles is well known to meet those high standards.

We're grateful to Miller Boles Funeral Home for extending their care and commitment to free community events like Carolina Indie Fest. This shout out goes to them for serving our community, and supporting community, for several generations. Thank you.

Come see Carolina Indie Fest on Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30th - stage will be at the Cole Street side of Hugger Mugger Brewing. This is a free, family friendly event.

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