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Shout Out to Dame Talent for Sponsoring Indie Fest

Dame Talent is a sponsor of Carolina Indie Fest & today we're giving them a shout out for helping build the live, local music scene.

They offer musicians some, or all, of the following services so you can spend time doing what you love: making music and performing:


▪️booking local and regional shows

▪️press and promotions for concerts, single and album releases

▪️creating marketing and merchandising strategies

▪️house concert opportunities

▪️assisting with career strategies and goal setting

▪️negotiating with vendors, producers, memberships and affiliations

▪️website creation

Dame Talent, LLC is a boutique music management agency providing professional guidance, support and promotion utilizing our 20+ years of combined experience working in the Canadian 🇨🇦 and US 🇺🇸 music industries. This rapid-changing industry is something we all need to get creative with to be able to tackle successfully. Dame Talent can help you do that.

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