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Shirlette Ammons & Heat Preacher Interviews Now Up

Hear Shirlette Ammons at Carolina Indie Fest at 4:15pm Saturday, Sept 30th

The Rant continues their coverage of Carolina Indie Fest performers with interviews of Durham's Shirlette Ammons and JD Rust of Chapel Hill's Heat Preacher. This is solid 45 minutes plus of content with both artists so buckle up, there's a lot to learn here.

Heat Preacher goes on stage Friday, Sept 29th at 6:15pm at Carolina Indie Fest

Spotify has a nice set of Heat Preacher songs released at different times that give you a good sense of the band's wide open sound. We can't wait to see them live. Likewise for Shirlette whose music spans genres but always delivers great, poetical lyrics. Her music makes a meal for the mind and at one moment her lyrics can let you sit back and enjoy the rhythm & the next moment you're leaning forward as she casts lyrics at a machine gun pace into the microphone.

It's a great contrast of styles and well worth the time it takes to get to know these artists better,

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