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Official Carolina Indie Fest Mug Released this Weekend

Every year we have two sets of cups - our commemorative stadium cups and then a special "glassware" to mark the occasion. In year one we had the liter mug because Carolina Indie Fest was in September and we wanted an Octoberfest feel. Last year after we scrambled to save the festival we released a boot to drink from - to give the boot to bad vibes.

This year we present the humble dimple mug. It's a classic most often associated with British beer and "sessionable" (read: low ABV) beers that are meant to be consumed over the course of an afternoon. Sounds good to me! At 20 ounces this mug gives you more beer than our standard 16 ounce offerings. It's just that much less time to spend waiting in line for a beer. Our guests bring their mugs from prior Indie Fests back to the beer hall and bring them to us when we're out at events and we will always fill them! They are on sale now at the Hugger Mugger Brewing beer hall and will continue to be on sale as supplies last.

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