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Now Seeking Sponsors

Sponsor packets for the Spring Carolina Indie Fest (May 10-11) are now available. Please see the images below for details and contact me (Tim) by email ( with any questions.

The large costs for this festival are always the same - bands, stage and sound/lights. We

operate with almost no overhead & that means we put all our sponsor dollars directly into producing the event. And what an event it has become! It's a nice intimate and urban setting for a two day music festival. We're proud to be attracting great talent to play here and love this has become a signature event for quaint downtown Sanford.

Not many changes from previous years. This is the first time we've had the Fest Beer Sponsorship open up, it's been claimed for the last few fests by Family Veterinary but they are out of town in May and that means opportunity for someone! Shout Out pricing increased because those just take a lot of time to create and time is at a premium this year. Small increase on shirt sponsorships because a lot of those are paid via invoice and we lose $18 in processing fees for every $500 contribution.

We've already heard back from some of our longtime sponsors, I appreciate them jumping in so quickly. If you've not sponsored before just drop me a line and we can arrange a time to talk and get you filled in on the event.

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