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New Music from Paleface

Paleface is returning to Carolina Indie Fest on the night of Friday, May 12th with new music to share. Most of My Worries Never Happen is linked below off the newly released album titled Beyond the Bells.

This is the third time Paleface has taken the stage at Carolina Indie Fest and (I think) the fifth time they have performed at Hugger Mugger Brewing since opening in 2018. Last year when we had three months to put together Indie Fest they helped recruit great bands and offered themselves despite already having a full slate of places to play. These are amazingly kind human beings and seem to make friends wherever they go. And because they are a creative marketing machine - on social media, newsletter, website presence and adding new artwork and new music regularly - you never forget about them. They're always present somehow, and in a way that tickles your imagination, that's just amazing for a two person touring band out of North Carolina.

Check out their tunes pretty much everywhere but definitely give Beyond the Bells a listen. The Rant will be doing a podcast with them soon so you can get to know them a little better, hopefully we can link last year's interview as well - it has some neat insights into the process PF and Moe go through in releasing a new album.

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