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Last Minute Additions

We've got two last minute changes to the Indie Fest music and food truck lineups. Walter Finley will be replacing Gooseberry Jam tonight in the 7:30pm slot. Walter and his wife April will perform music that ranges across the genre known as Americana but from my hearing tends closest to country. Walter is oft described as a troubadour which is a great way to indicate he is a writer of songs that are tales, and can be deeply personal tales at that. Check him out on Spotify.

We also have a food truck swap - Empanadas RD will be replaced on Saturday by Berto's Chimi's. The word "chimi" is short for "chimichurri" which is the Dominican twist on the

hamburger. Sounds good to me! Look for them at the top of public parking at the corner of Steele and Cole Streets on Saturday.

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