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Introducing ... the Jeremiah McKinley Band

The Jeremiah McKinley Band hits the stage on Friday, Sept 29th at 5pm to kick off our fourth ever Carolina Indie Fest. This literal band of brothers brings a down home sound to our first day - elements of rock, folk and blues are all present here.

Jeremiah McKinley is a mashup of the names of the band's two members - Jeremiah Smith and McKinley Smith. Jeremiah is the lead vocalist and he's got a bit of grit in his voice when he sings. It adds a nice rough edge to their music

The Friday night bands this Fall are more country/rock/blues/alt and the Jeremiah McKinley band is a nice lead in to the evening. Check out some of their songs on Spotify including Same Old Heart and Hanging On/Creekside. Like the best indie bands they're trying their hand at videos and the video for their song Billy the Kid is good fun and worth checking out.

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