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Introducing ... Skylar Gudasz

Daydreamer with nightly blues ... that's the brief description on Skylar's homepage and it should set your expectations for this absolute gem of a singer.

There's a lot to talk about with Skylar Gudasz. She's a great lyricist and poetic storyteller, her songs might cause you to reminisce about events and times that never happened to you. Her themes are often timeless and can easily draw you in without your even realizing it. She's sneaky and witchy in that way & her music is perfect for the start of the Fall season.

One thing you can't fail to notice about Skylar is her voice - she has great vocal range and depth. Sometimes it seems she is almost whispering the words in her songs at a level where others would strain, and it seems to come so effortlessly. All this is backed by instruments with haunting melodies. It makes for a grand effect.

Sklyar closes out this Fall's Carolina Indie Fest on Saturday, September 30th at 9:15pm - approximately one week after the start of the Fall solstice. The final slot at Indie Fest (we don't have headliner slots, per se) goes to Skylar because her music absolutely has to be performed at night surrounded by lights. Start getting to know her by listening to Mother's Daughter and we'll post more of her hits soon.

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