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Introducing ... Shirlette Ammons

We are fortunate to have Shirlette Ammons takes the stage at Carolina Indie Fest at 4:15pm on Saturday, Sept 30th. She's a poet, a TV producer, and a spoken word rapper. This last designation, spoken word rapper, is my own & not hers. Her work defies a single definition but you know there's a poet performing music, or is it a musician performing poetry?

Given her multiple talents it seems a bit reductive to say Shirlette's performance is the first rap artist at Indie Fest but there's certainly a moment to be celebrated here.

Here is some "must see/listen" music by Shirlette. One thing that's amazing about her is how she so easily jumps between musical genres that back her lyrics, she makes it worth listening to a lot of her music:

* Duke performance in the middle of the pandemic three years ago

* Join the 175,000 people who have chilled to her collaboration on NK2NC with artist Sookee

* Always love the music videos and Shirlette delivers a fun one with her song Earth Intro

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