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Introducing ... Oort Patrol

Spoiler alert - Oort Patrol is fun, fast paced punk music that makes you want to jump in the mosh pit. They first played Carolina Indie Fest last year and immediately made their mark when two previously esteemed members of the community began slam dancing until "the incident" occurred. Noone was hurt but we will be on high alert when Oort Patrol takes the stage on Saturday Sept 30th at 3pm.

Oort Patrol has new music out and is booked in venues across North Carolina sharing the good vibes. It's a concept album, if you're not following along with the rest of us, and you gotta hope there will be some repair of the timeline when they take the stage. Noone likes a tear in their space time continuum.

All inside joking aside, Oort Patrol has fun, hard driving music that will capture and hold your interest against your will. Catch up on their tunes via Bandcamp. We're delighted they're back to kick off day two of this Fall's Indie Fest - they're going to get our hearts pumping and heads engaged just like great punk music can.

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