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Introducing ... Gooseberry Jam

Gooseberry Jam hits the stage at Carolina Indie Fest on Friday, Sept 29th at 7:30pm and they bring with them the definition of the enigmatic musical genre known as Americana. The first samples I heard of Gooseberry Jam sounded just like the Grateful Dead, then I listened to more and heard classic rock, blues, maybe a little country and then a jam band all the way.

Typically you won't see a jam band at Carolina Indie Fest, we want bands keeping the audience engaged through fast paced music (think Mom Rock), showmanship (Pseudo Cowboys), interesting instrumentation or lyrics (Crystal Bright, Hustle Souls) or working the crowd like a pro (Haley Mae Campbell). Gooseberry Jam is tough to pin down, though, they are jam band-y but they're also much more and that is just part of what makes them so interesting.

Check out this session recorded at the Yes! Weekly offices in Greensboro - it's acoustic and gives you a good sense of what you can expect from Gooseberry Jam. A lot of the YouTube videos featuring them are long and cover many songs from one set and that's perfect for understanding how many genres they can blend in one set.

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