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Introducing ... Farewell Friend

Farewell Friend is an indie folk band with rock, country and alternative influences. They take the stage on Saturday, September 30th at 5:30pm. These are talented artists and their lyrics were what caught my attention initially. These are storytellers in the true folk tradition but updated with instrumentation you might not expect.

This band is one of many North Carolina bands at Carolina Indie Fest - the most we've had to date. We've got bands representing from the Triad (Gooseberry Jam, Jeremiah McKinley Band, Farewell Friend), Chapel Hill (Heat Preacher, Skylar Gudasz), Raleigh (Reese McHenry), Durham (Shirlette Ammons) and Sanford area Indie Fest alums the Cliff Wheeler Band & Oort Patrol. Australian born Kara Grainger travels from Nashville, TN to play on Saturday, September 30th.

A good starting point for getting to know Farewell Friend's music is their album Samson - check it out on Bandcamp or take a look at their website for links to other streaming sites with their music.

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