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Indie Fest's roaster connected to comedian Joe Bob Briggs

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Between acts at Carolina Indie Fest at Hugger Mugger Brewing on May 12 and 13 in downtown Sanford, Sanford's Ron Perkinson will take the stage to roast and toast many of the event's great sponsors.

Anyone who knows Ron knows about his quick wit and way with words. That's no surprise, given his background in stand up comedy. The Rant reported yesterday about an upcoming appearance in nearby Clayton by veteran actor and comedian Joe Bob Briggs - and Perkinson's own connection with Briggs:

Ron Perkinson of Sanford, a retired lawyer and mediator who has also dabbled in standup comedy over the years, recalled that in the mid 1980s Briggs penned a movie review some found controversial and as a result had his syndicated column pulled from the News & Observer. In response, Perkinson helped Briggs get a booking at Raleigh’s Charlie Goodnights, where the two comedians shared the stage.
With Briggs (real name John Bloom) – known for his comedic contributions to the world of horror and other genre film, as well as appearances in movies like Casino, Face/Off, and much more – returning to the area for his “How Rednecks Saved Hollywood” performance on April 22, The Rant interviewed Briggs and Perkinson together for a stroll down memory lane, a discussion of where Briggs is today with his comedic performances, and how his work has connected him to at least one other notable Sanfordian.
“What I remember about (the 1980s Goodnights performance) is there was some ladies at a table in that show, four of them, who looked like they were country club ladies,” Briggs said with a laugh of the performance in Raleigh. “And they were drinking, and they just heckled me all night long. They did not like my material.”

Interestingly, Briggs also has connection to another Sanford resident and well known musician Britton Buchanan. Briggs was one of many actors with a connection to classic horror who appeared in Buchanan's 2021 video for October's Queen:

Perkinson isn’t the only local connection for Briggs, who played a part in Sanford native Britton Buchanan’s music video for “October’s Queen,” which was filmed and released at the height of the COVID pandemic.
“Darcy the Mail Girl and I both put in an appearance in that Halloween video,” he said “He had a cast of thousands in that thing. That was a wonderful little idea. I think that was in the middle of the pandemic. But I was happy to do it. That video was one of the projects that I was trying to support during the pandemic, as the indie filmmakers were still trying to get out there and make stuff.”

Make sure to get out on May 12 and 13 to see Perkinson roast and toast our sponsors - it'll be as big a part of the two days as the 10 great acts lined up to perform.

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