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Indie Fest is Here! Here's What you Need to Know Before you Go

It's here! The free, family friendly Carolina Indie Fest returns again tonight at 5pm when the Jeremiah McKinley Band hits the stage. Here's what you need to know before you go:

* images with tonight's lineup and a map of public parking are included here. The lot at the corner of Cole and Steele Streets is closed as of noon today to allow for moving vendors and food trucks into that space. If you're traveling from out of town plug the brewery address into your GPS (229 Wicker Street) and then start hunting for parking when you arrive.

* admission to the festival is free! For those drinking at the festival, all beers/wines are poured into official Indie Fest stadium cups - $1 is added to the first pour. This is our attempt at reducing waste. We can't use glassware with the volume of visitors we get and disposable cups are much cheaper but make loads of waste and obviously are no good for the environment. If you have a cup from a past Indie Fest bring it and we won't charge you a thing!

* many bands will bring merchandise and sell it by the stage, they usually have good swag. If you want an Indie Fest tee shirt or hoodie (the hoodies are pretty amazing) then head inside Hugger Mugger Brewing to the back bar area. The front bar will be beer service only.

* use hashtag #carolinaindiefest2023 and tag us on Instagram and Facebook (@carolinaindiefestival) so we can see how your festival was!

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