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Here Come the Interviews!

Artists performing at every Carolina Indie Fest, and we're about to hit #4, have had the opportunity to be interviewed by Gordon Anderson of The Rant. The Rant, if you're not familiar, is our monthly Sanford-area newspaper that punches above its weight and delivers quality journalism at a price that can't be beat.

Gordon's both a journalist and a musician and has, lucky for us, really embraced Carolina Indie

Fest. His interviews allow listeners to get to know musicians one-on-one before they hit the stage & that's particularly important for the Indie scene. Many of the performers at Indie Fest have a handful of articles about them, some biographical info on a website & then their music - and that's all. These interviews are just one more way to connect and can produce some fun content, like Paleface talking about what is involved with getting into vinyl or another artist revealing they were playing with a whole new band (news to me!)

Oh, I buried the lead - the first set of interviews for the Fall Indie Fest have dropped. Reese McHenry and Cliff Wheeler are the interviewees, I know what I'm doing tonight!

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