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Food is Part of the Show, too!

The air will be filled with the smells of great food at Carolina Indie Fest thanks to a select group of food trucks serving on Friday May 12th and Saturday May 13th. These trucks are hand picked, they are not selected through an application process, and we try and give all of the trucks that serve at Hugger Mugger Brewing throughout the year this opportunity while making sure there aren't more than one style of food represented.

On Friday May 12th it is all Sanford area favorites. NC Burger brings the best burgers and that includes a homemade vegetarian option. Tacos El Primo has all the Mexican foods including a really nice pastor (pork with pineapple) which is a delight whether in a burrito or a taco. Moonrunners food truck has a Prohibition sauce for their wings that is unbeatable, check out their meatloaf on a stick and ribs as well. Carolina Moes is a small family operation with authentic North Carolina BBQ, you'd be well advised to try their Belly Slapper sandwich or Oinkchos (loaded pork skin nachos). Asadito will be cooking Argentinean meats and veggie kebabs on a custom made grill, their homemade chimichurri sauce is good on literally everything. And our neighbor, Millie's Mama Bakes, will be bringing all their famous sweets and will be selling out quickly (don't wait for dessert!)

All that and we haven't even talked about Saturday! More on that in the coming days ...

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