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Don't Miss Us on WFJA

Who asks the best questions in radio? It might just be Margaret Murchison at WFJA here in Sanford. I had the opportunity to talk with her this morning about all things Carolina Indie Fest and she anticipated everything I was hoping to share. It's been too long since we've seen each other and I'm hoping that changes this coming year.

Did you miss us live at 9:35 this morning? Margaret was kind enough to share the audio with me so you can hear all the details including our mutual love and admiration for Corey Harmon of Comfort First Heating and Air (he's our graphic designer) and why we host/produce Carolina Indie Fest and how it all came about (Cliff Wheeler can listen closely.) It seems inconceivable that we fit it all in under 20 minutes but Margaret made it happen. Thanks Margaret! Click here to listen in.

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