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Carolina Indie Fest Returns Sept 29 & 30th!

Here we go! Carolina Indie Fest returns to downtown Sanford on Friday, Sept 29th and Saturday, Sept 30th this year. This free music festival features 10 Indie bands playing all original music on stage at the rear of Hugger Mugger Brewing with crafty vendors and food trucks on adjacent properties.

All the bands and their set times are listed on this website but we are still working on getting the links for those bands directed to their music available online. That won't stop us from starting to promote each of the amazing artists performing in this year's fest. It's a decidedly different feel for the Fall lineup from the Spring bands and Saturday, in particular, has a wide array of genres represented. The best comment we get from folks is that they don't like a particular genre of music ... but they loved the performer at Indie Fest who represented that genre. You tell us this Fall if we got it right or not.

This post begins 8 weeks of exploring our artists and all the goings on at Indie Fest this year but, before the moment passes, we need to tip our cap to Corey Harmon. He's the talented Sanfordite who brought the Spring artwork to life and he's done it again here. Indie Man gets born before our eyes with his work and he's clearly having a great time doing it. Thanks Corey.

Rock on everyone! And see you tomorrow as we start to dig into these performing artists one by one ...

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