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All About the Indie Fest Cup

If you've been to a past Carolina Indie Fest event then you may have some commemorative Indie Fest cups at your house. Why do we do this?

On big event days we pack up the glassware because we just can't keep up with cleaning it all. Our only other option is plastic - but disposable plastic cups make a ton of waste, and unnecessary waste at that. You'll notice we even purchase water glasses from thrift stores to use at our water station in the beer hall to avoid using disposable plastic.

Our solution is to purchase 16oz commemorative stadium cups that can be used all day long and our guests can take them home at the end of the night. We do charge $1/cup when you get your first drink but that is not a profit for us - it just defrays the expense. The cups are ubiquitous at our events, even our Brews, Blues & BBQ is starting to use them, and it's something we can all feel good about.

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