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Paleface Returns (Again) to the Indie Fest Stage

is a two member indie band that performs all over the east coast, and has performed as an indie band, for decades. We are fortunate to invite them back to Carolina Indie Fest again. Paleface (or PF) and Mo are a team with deep roots with a number of bands and musicians you would readily recognize including the Avett Brothers, Beck, Daniel Johnston and more. Their music runs the gamut from indie rock to a sort of quirky brilliance that comes from albums like their most recent Beyond the Bells.

PF is an artist, hopefully he will bring some of his work with him. If you're not familiar with Paleface's music you ought to give it a listen and then listen again. I was not a fan the first time I listened but I caught the bug the second time when I realized how PF just approaches music in a fundamentally different way than other artists. I'm not well equipped to describe how but that's the beauty of live music - you've got a lot of chances to listen and determine for yourself.

Paleface takes the stage Saturday May 11th at 8pm.

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