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Introducing ... Reese McHenry

Reese McHenry is rock and roll at its best. You need only listen to songs like Detroit and Bye Bye Baby to know that high energy, passionate rock is one thing Reese excels at. She appears in the 8pm slot on Saturday, Sept 30th for a reason - her music will keep you riveted for our final act.

There's also an amazing story of a rock and roll comeback here. Reese survived a series of strokes that left her with health complications that put singing on the back burner but ... she's back. And man she's back. We've had her to Hugger Mugger Brewing for one of our First Friday events and she is as comfortable singing soft and low and she is belting out a tune (and making you think for the world that it's Janis Joplin).

We're excited to have Reese join us for this year's Carolina Indie Fest and can't wait for you to join us in being amazed at her talent.

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