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Indie Man Returns!

It started as a "haha wouldn't it be great if ..." and turned into a frightening reality. Carolina Indie Fest has its very own mascot, Indie Man, who is a mashup of a bleached cow's skull for a head, androgenous mammalian torso, fawn legs and cloven hoofs. This abomination of nature is depicted on Carolina Indie Fest posters and artwork since 2022 when artist Corey Harmon had two weeks to flesh out details and make the creature come to life graphically.

In 2023 dear friends of the brewery offered to make an Indie Man costume and bring Indie Man to life! They are skilled costumers, regularly delivering high quality garments and costumes to cosplayers and theater sets, and they really knocked this one out of the park.

Indie Man will appear again this Indie Fest - making appearances throughout Friday and Saturday nights. Feel free to ask him for a picture or a brief dance!

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