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I've Been Like this for Days

Paleface and Mo return to Carolina Indie Fest on Saturday, May 11th at 8pm. PF is massively

talented and utilizes an eclectic array of sounds and instrumentation - you are always guaranteed an experience when Paleface plays.

It's really amazing we even get to see PF play, he started out in New York City in the 90's being mentored by Daniel Johnston - one of the legends of the alt/indie music movement and, like Paleface, a "no boundaries" sort of artist. PF's been performing for a living and touring all over the US ever since. If he and Mo didn't live in North Carolina I don't think we'd have this opportunity.

Shared here is "I've Been Like this for Days", it's a nice example of the aspects of Paleface's work mentioned here. Not as rough and raw as a Daniel Johnston number but even some of that is present in its haunting, at times eerie, sound.

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