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Food Options at Carolina Indie Fest

While the music is the star of Carolina Indie Fest we also book a host of fantastic food trucks. With six trucks each day we bill them as food truck rodeos and put events in Facebook so you can be reminded of who is serving each day. Click the links to set reminders for the rodeos on Friday, September 29th (5-9pm) and Saturday, September 30th (4-9pm).

There are times listed here for serving but keep in mind it takes some trucks longer to setup than others. 5pm will likely be the latest start for serving for most trucks.

Let's take a look at each truck serving - their names are linked to their website or Facebook page:

Sandra's Bakery (both days)

Food trucks will set up in the public parking area just above the Hugger Mugger Brewing beer garden amongst dozens of crafty vendors both Friday Sept 29th and Saturday Sept 30th.

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