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Cliff Wheeler Band Wins Twice this Weekend

The Cliff Wheeler Band won twice at the International Singer Songwriter competition in Atlanta, GA this weekend.

The Cliff Wheeler Band won an award for Band of the Year (USA) and Cliff's son, Garret, won for Rising Star (USA, Male)

The Cliff Wheeler Band has played the past three years at Carolina Indie Fest and returns on September 29th to close out the first day of our Fall fest. It's no exaggeration that this festival would not be possible without Cliff & both he and Garret continue to help make the festival run smoothly every year. We're grateful for Cliff's sage advice as much as the country-blues style of music he plays that I have come to call "roadhouse country".

Cliff has some new music coming out this year and I imagine we may hear one or more tracks debuting at Carolina Indie Fest. Want a sampling of the Cliff Wheeler Band's work? Check out Hard Living Man, Trouble Is and Sunshine.

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