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A Sneak Peek at Indie Fest Merch

Finishing touches were put on the design for the official shirt of Spring 2024 Carolina Indie Fest this week. The design is being shared with sponsors over the next few days to make sure they're happy with how they are presented on it - but personally I'm tickled & I think they will be as well.

Our festival designer, Corey Harmon, has a talent for organizing a lot of information into small spaces while making sure it is all readable AND attractive. There's a set amount of things that need to go on the back of the shirt - bands, sponsor logos, dates, location, etc. To that Corey adds some explanation of what else you can find at the festival (craft beer, crafty vendors, food trucks) and then he adds design elements to separate band names and also a nice memento mori type design under the logo. It's basically a whole additional festival poster he's created and placed on the back of the shirt. It's amazing.

This Spring we will only be selling shirts, no tanks or hoodies. There are some hats I'm working on for the summer that will be a lot of fun but this Spring we're keeping it simple. Paw Prints will be our screen printer of record, again, and shirts should start being available about a week before the festival.

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