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The Spring Fest Beer Will Have You Singing

Every Carolina Indie Fest gets its own festival beer brewed specially for the event. In year one it was Knights Hemplar, an aromatic ale brewed with hemp seeds. Smelled just like a breeze blowing through Woodstock. Last year it was a fun and rummy little number called Annika's.

This year's fest beer is a blackberry kolsch style beer called (drumroll please) Whoa, Blackberry Bramble-Am. The inspiration for the name comes from this amazing one hit wonder and timeless ear worm from Ram Lam - linked here. And once you start inserting the beer name into the lyrics you won't be able to unhear it.

This is a great time to mention our Fest Beer sponsor, for two years in a row, Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic. Dr. Meghan Ellis is bright and her love for animals is clear - Annika's was named after her beautiful huskie (also featured on her website if you wanted to get a look). Dr Ellis used this Spring's Fest Beer as an opportunity to raise money for a local animal rescue group, she sold opportunities to name this beer. Always looking for a way to help her furry friends Dr. Ellis is also a friend to beer and has done a great job shepherding these fest beers into being.

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