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Paleface Makes a 3rd Indie Fest Appearance

Updated: May 2, 2023

Paleface is a touring legend - comprised of Paleface (PF) and drummer Mo this band has been touring North Carolina and beyond for years. We were lucky enough to have them as one of the first ever First Friday bands at Hugger Mugger Brewing back in 2018 & we've booked them for performances every year since (excepting one little pandemical hiccup year). They are one of two bands that has helped us build and grow Carolina Indie Fest - The Cliff Wheeler band is the other, they'll be playing at the Fall Carolina Indie Fest.

I've got a sense of awe thinking about everything Paleface does - on their own - to make it as an indie musical act. They're maintaining a website, social medias, various music sites (Bandcamp, Spotify, etc.) which means they need pictures and videos and production of both. They interact with their fans on social media. They start campaigns to front the money to get in a studio and produce new music, to create vinyl, to connect with venues and juggle a calendar of new shows. They perform at those venues. And they create artwork to sell at their shows. And they're prolific song writers. And they're on the road - a LOT - which can bring its own set of stresses.

The amazing thing is that they do all these things, and more, and do them well. It is not shared nearly enough that PF has been mentioned as an influence by Beck and the man has rubbed elbows with Daniel Johnston. Johnston is a legend in NYC, and in other parts of the world, but NYC claims Johnston and his tortured sound to be one of their own. He's a legend. I imagine these associations are due to the musical excellence of Paleface but also due to the kindness they bring and share with the world. When we had three months to prepare a music festival last year Paleface said "how can we help" and introduced us to some awesome bands who helped save the festival. The busiest people I can think of said "how can we help?" - that says a lot.

So yeah, Paleface is on tour now in support on their new album Beyond the Bells…produced by Paleface, mixed by Jason Richmond (The Avett Brothers) and mastered by John a Greenham, who’s won multiple Grammy’s, most recently for his work with Billie Eilish. Check out their hype video and come and see them on May 12th - you'll be witnessing some legendary performers.

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