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Julia Brings Bass Slapping Funk to the Stage Saturday May 11th

It's ambitious to write an entire album on a theme - especially when it's a sci-fi themed

monster funk album ... but Julia did it, and boy you'll be glad they did. Be aware you will be entering a zone of serious funk and groove when they hit the stage on Saturday, May 11th at 6:45pm.

The link here is to their album "When Dirt Was Clean and Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth" - WUNC interviewed the band a few years ago and described them in the following way: "The group reimagines musician George Clinton’s character of Dr. Funkenstein as an astral spirit that has returned to possess them and bring back classic funk. All of the band’s members have alter egos when they are on stage: Lead singer Torin Alston becomes Dr. Funkenstein; guitarist Danlee Gildersleeve transforms into Moon Dog; bassist Sean Meehan assumes the form of Count Slapula; and drummer Todd Davis changes into The Creature from the Groove Lagoon. Together they blend classic funk with modern influences like Kendrick Lamar."

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