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Vendor Application Now Live

The vendor application for Carolina Indie Fest May 10 & 11 is now live. Access it by clicking here.

The cost per day has gone up a little from $50 in prior years to $65 in May.  There is a processing fee of $3/day to pay by credit card.  Last year we lost a significant amount on vendor payments just from credit card processing alone & we need to be smarter with how we accept payment.  If you write a check or pay in cash there is no fee.

If you vend for two days you will likely be assigned to the public parking lot.  This way you can load in on Friday and, if you choose, leave your inventory overnight and load out on Saturday night.  We will have security overnight on Friday night.  One day vendors will likely be stationed on the parking deck, beer garden, or inside the brewery.

Load in/load out info won't be available until a week or so prior to the event.

There is no official closing of the application period, it will likely remain open for 2-4 weeks. Once it is closed we will announce the free vending spaces earned by lottery among those vendors who participate in our First Friday events.

We will have more vendors than space.  Priority is given to handmade items so please emphasize that in the application if it applies.  We will accept a limited number of food vendors (sweets, cookies, etc.) outside of food trucks.  Food trucks serve by invitation only among the trucks already serving at Hugger Mugger Brewing.

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