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Fest Day is Here - What do you need to know?

Festival day is here! Let's touch some highlights for the day:

* parking - you will need to walk a block or two to the brewery (click on the map for it to open in a new tab) but once you get here we have everything you need!

* got a cup or special glass from a previous Indie Fest? Bring it, you can use it and avoid the $1 one-time charge for the commemorative festival cup.

* we have water stations - cups for those are available at the merchandise area at the back bar inside the brewery. You are always welcome to bring your own water and food.

* we have a bunch of merchandise deals going on today including $5 on an odd-n-ends bin of Hugger Mugger Brewing merchandise and $5 for a 2022 Carolina Indie Fest shirt when you buy a 2023 Carolina indie Fest shirt. Our merch page has all the details.

* full info on bands and play times and more is on this website or on the Carolina Indie Fest - Spring 2023 event page.

This is going to be a grand time, we can't wait for the music to kick off at 5pm today. See you at Hugger Mugger Brewing!

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