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Cliff Wheeler Band Teases New Releases this Fest

We have a sneak peek of new music about to drop from the Cliff Wheeler Band. I talked with Cliff a few weeks ago about his recent work in studio, I was curious what this album would sound like because the band shows signs of many different influences and could conceivably go in a number of different directions.

When I describe the Cliff Wheeler Band I try and tie these influences together by using the term "roadhouse blues", not because it resembles the Doors song of the same name but because it's a rough, rugged sound with some occasionally dark lyrics and themes. The latest release I was given access to, No Good, has all that and now some mystical tones as well. It's a surprise and a delight and blends perfectly with the country/rock/blues sound of the Cliff Wheeler Band.

Listen to No Good by clicking here - this is a teaser of some of the new music you're going to get from the Cliff Wheeler Band when they headline Carolina Indie Fest on Friday, September 29th hitting the stage around 8:45pm.

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