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Chris McGinnis Brings Folk/Country Mix to Friday at Indie Fest

It's often tough to categorize indie music artists, they're doing their own thing and breaking

barriers and generally making tough on folks like me to describe what the audience should expect. Chris McGinnis is a great example. He is at turns insanely intense, pensive, whimsical and depressed - and that's just in one song! Somehow he binds it all together with eclectic narratives that grab your attention and make you want to hear more. I'm not alone in this assessment, here's a description of his latest album:

"Overbearing grandparents and stubborn grandchildren, washed-up fraternity brothers yearning for the New Year’s Eve parties of yesteryear, a missing Winnebago, a tree that just won’t quit, and other wild personalities run throughout the ten tracks found on Mamaw’s Angel."

Chris is a fun artist and delightful lyricist. He hits the stage Friday, May 10th at 7:30pm.

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